Justice seen from Armenia

By Lilit Gasparyan

Armenian genocide : recognition and reparations
Standpoint of Armenia
REPAIR – Armeno-Turkish Platform.

The Armenians all over the world, both in Armenia and Diaspora, are preparing for commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide through various events in 2015. In general, a tribute paid to the Armenian Genocide in the Armenian society has been accompanied by restitution, especially territorial claims. The absence of a half-word about restitution in the bills and laws stating the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by different parliaments has created a false impression that Armenians have no other claims to raise besides that of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Turkey.
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Armenian Bar Association on Justice for the Armenian Genocide

aba-logo-wide-2015The epitaph on my grandfather’s gravestone at the Ararat Cemetery in Fresno includes the following admonition of a famous Armenian statesman and writer:

Ayskan charik te moranan mer vortik, togh vogch ashkharh hayin garta nakhadink…
If such great wrongs our sons forget, may the world’s curses the Armenians beget…

For nearly 100 years after the Genocide, Armenians around the world and across all walks of life have triumphed over and trumped Avedis Aharonian’s lamented forgetfulness. The fight against forgetfulness, however, is won and done. Now we must move away from the common Armenian characteristic of gratuitously accommodating others and, instead, demand that others accommodate us.
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The Constitution of Armenia, the Genocide and its reparations

Vladimir Vardanyan
International Law Expert

REPAIR – Armeno-Turkish Platform – The international law expert Vladimir Vardanyan presented in every detail the issue about the provision on the Armenian Genocide in the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, including the clause on the claim of Western Armenia. According to him the reference to the Genocide in the main document of Armenia is based on international law and norms. The international law expert also spoke about the legal basis of the Turco-Russian Treaty, dated 1921.

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Armenian Genocide Reperations – July 2013

  1. Pursue Genocide Recognition and Reparations, criminal and civil claims, separately, in parallel.
    • Genocide is a crime against humanity. Like all criminal acts, condemnation and punishment is the right and duty of the community, here, the community of nations.
    • Reparations are compensation of harm. It is an inalienable right of the injured party, founded on independent factual and legal grounds.
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A. Hovsepyan. Recognition of Armenian genocide shall have a perfect international-legal provision

Republic of Armenia Prosecutor General Aghvan Hovsepyan’s report at the second Pan-Armenian Conference of Lawyers “Ahead of the 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide”.

Respectable participants of the conference,

At first, let me express my satisfaction on the fact that by the initiation of the Ministry of Diaspora lawyers’ representative and very important conference was held ahead of the 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide which, I am sure, can give light to very old legal issues of Armenian genocide and be a serious stimulus for legal research of Armenian genocide and the Armenian issue, in general.
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