International Conference in Yerevan: “The Crime of Genocide: Prevention, Condemnation and Elimination of Consequences”

On December 14-15, 2010, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia in cooperation with the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute organized an international conference titled “The Crime of Genocide: Prevention, Condemnation and Elimination of Consequences”.
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A Detailed Account of the Armenian Genocide Reparations Conference

WESTWOOD, Calif–On Saturday, October 23, the International Human Rights Law Association (IHRLA) at the University of California, Los Angeles hosted a conference entitled, “Genocide and Then What? The Law, Ethics, and Politics of Making Amends” at Dodd Hall.

The event featured speakers from across the world to discuss a soon to be released report about the foundations for pursuing justice for the Armenian Genocide. The report was authored by Dr. Alfred de Zayas (Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations), Dr. Jermaine McCalpin (University of the West Indies), former Ambassador Ara Papian (treaty law specialist), and Dr. Henry Theriault (Worcester State University). below is a detailed account of the conference.

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Mouradian: Ankara Conference Looks Beyond Genocide, Debates Reparations

By Khatchig Mouradian
The Armenian Weekly

ANKARA, Turkey (A.W.)—On April 24, as genocide commemoration events were being held one after the other in different locations in Istanbul, a groundbreaking two-day conference on the Armenian Genocide began at the Princess Hotel in Ankara.
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